October 2016 Update

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We have been moving ahead since the public meeting in June. During the summer it is a little more difficult to get meetings and responses from the various agencies, as they tend to miss August for scheduled meetings. Now we are moving into Autumn we will be finalising discussions with them and, hopefully, bringing plans to a point where we can present them to everyone and apply for faculty and planning. To that end we have a couple more surveys that have been done, looking at the layout of the graveyard, to work out the best method of getting the building materials in and out, whilst causing the minimum disruption on the surrounding roads. You may have seen people with surveying equipment in the graveyard. We are also finalising the heritage and archaeological reports ready for submission.

We have had a report of a few of the younger members of the community being seen inside the security fencing. I would like to emphasise that the fencing isn’t there to protect the building, it is there to prevent injury. I admit that 50 years ago I would have seen the newly fitted additional “Danger Keep Out” signs as an open invitation, but there is real potential for injury from falling masonry, and it is a dangerous site. If you know of anyone, or see anyone, climbing the fences, please discourage them.

We do not want to see anything happen that could slow down the church rebuild but, most of all, we definitely do not want to see anyone injured.