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Post-Fire and Making Safe Galleries (after 19 June 2014)

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Taken on 19 December 2014 - these show the tower wrapped for weather protection and the windows boarded. Nice to have a sunny day!

Images of the interior damage taken as the bells were being removed - also late November 2014. It's obvious there is not much interior left! Thanks to Michael Bailey and Andy Bonner for these excellent images.

Detailed images of the bells being removed, including some taken from the top of the scaffolding. Thanks to Michael Bailey for these excellent images.

The bells are now all down from the tower. Heat and firefighting water have cracked two bells, the 3 (possibly repairable) and the 5 (much worse). In case anyone reading fancies their luck - the bells have been removed to secure storage many miles away. Thanks to Rodney Skinner for this excellent record.

A milestone! Today, today Monday 15 September 2014 the bells began to be carefully lowered. As of today the Treble and Number 2 bells are down. Thanks to Jenny Barron for the photos.

Detailed images of the bells taken from the scaffolding. Also show the clock mechanism and interior of the church.

A major milestone - the scaffolding around the tower is almost up. Watch this space!

Photos taken just before the scaffolding goes up but with the preparations done. The site will look different from now on.

Images taken on 24 June 2014 by Ron Beal from outside the security fencing.

Images taken on 24 June 2014 by Rodney Skinner from outside the security fencing.