RaiseStPeters.uk has been put together using almost no proprietary tools apart from Windows 7 itself. The site is built on WordPress — a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS). Graphics editing was via the open source tools Inkscape and GIMP, greatly assisted by the free XnView — a superb multimedia viewer, organizer and converter for Windows.

The responsive WordPress theme used is “iFeature Pro” from CyberChimps (already purchased for an earlier unrelated project) with some CSS customisation. Hosting is via the UK cloud hosting company Tsohost (courtesy of a local golf club). All WordPress editing is done via Firefox, with testing primarily using Chrome — although testing is also done with IE, Safari and assorted Android browsers. Just about the only chargeable item was the domain registration and that was donated.

Site emails are handled either via Thunderbird (on Windows or Linux) and K9 (Android) — both of which are free and open source.

Rest assured that no donated funds will go on building an expensive proprietary IT infrastructure to give us an online presence.