St Peter’s Update Meeting on 16th June

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Over the past year we have been gathering information on the condition of the church walls, presenting that information to the various interested bodies and discussing the possibilities of what could be achieved for the church rebuild.  At the end of March we had a site meeting with Historic England, SPAB, the EHDC and others to try to get a general opinion, from their various inputs, as to what they feel about the reuse, repair and replacement of the various aspects of the building.

We had hoped that we could draw some conclusions by the time of the second anniversary of the fire so that we could hold a full public meeting to discuss our options. However, it now looks as though we will not have all of the information available for that time. The PCC still feels that is important to have a meeting to discuss where we are with the rebuild project, what the current state of the old building is and what we might be permitted to do.

The PCC would, therefore, like to invite you to a meeting at the village hall on the 16th June at 19:30. There will be a presentation by the PCC and John Alexander (our appointed architect) on the condition of the building as it currently stands, the challenges that we face and what the rebuild possibilities could be. Please come along to see what has been happening over the past two years and be part of what could happen in the next few years.