St Peter’s Church Rebuild Public Meeting – Wednesday 11th January

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Good news on the new church building. At the November meeting of the PCC John Alexander, the appointed church architect, made a presentation of the design and plan for the rebuild of the church.  This is a huge step forward, following meetings with the advisory societies and the DAC*, where discussions on the amount and techniques of preservation were made along with detailed discussions about the retention of the heritage of the building, whilst enabling the design to include the needs of the village community, as expressed after the first public meeting.

The result of the presentation to the PCC was that they were able to set the process in motion for going towards faculty and planning permission. It also means that we can arrange a date for a second public meeting where the design and plans can be presented to the village.

The planned date for the public meeting is 11th January at 19:00 at the Ropley Parish Hall. John Alexander will give a presentation on the building design and will show how the results of the previous public meeting have been used to define the facilities in the building.  He will also be talking about the way that the heritage of the old building has been preserved within the design of the new.

This meeting is the beginning of the planning consent process which will probably take many months.  The PCC think that it is important to show the plans to the village first, so please do try to come along.

*Each diocese has a Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (known as the DAC). Its main functions are to give advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship to the diocesan chancellor, the archdeacons and parishes.