“Master’s Madness” – Spinnaker Tower Abseil

Viv Nobbs, Master of The Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers has been asked many times since 4th May “Why did you do it?” Viv said “To encourage” sums it all up.

It all started with a great friend with similar back problems to me who was just recovering from surgery. She posted on Face Book “I must have a BIG adventure this year – no ideas yet but it has to be BIG!”
Naively, I suggested she abseil down the Spinnaker Tower and before I knew it, I was to be doing it as well!

What I did discover ‘though is that it developed into a good deal more. I’d been aware of two great projects within our Guild area – Ecchinswell Bell Restoration Trust and Raise St. Peter’s, Ropley. Ecchinswell is a project to restore and improve the ring of bells and the church of St. Peter’s Ropley, devastated by fire, aims to rebuild. I felt my abseil attempt might help encourage the many folk involved and putting much of their time and effort into both projects..

So, as often in our ringing, I needed to believe to achieve, have the motivation and then have a challenge; well, it was all there to help me undertake, and to be successful, in my abseil of The Spinnaker. Currently, the sponsorship is nearing the £400 mark, so I’m very pleased with the result.